Q1 Challenge Checkpoint 2014

April is upon us, and theoretically, I should be at 25% completion for my three blog challenges. So where do I stand with my 2014 Reading Resolutions?

The Book to Movie Challenge

Challenge Badge for the 2014 Book to Movie ChallengeIn Doing Dewey’s 2014 Book to Movie Challenge, I signed up for the Movie Lover category of reading nine books and watching their film or TV adaptations. So far I have read and reviewed only Argo. I have read Orange is the New Black and Divergent, and plan on watching the adaptations soon.

1/9 = 11%

The Eclectic Reader Challenge

Challenge Badge for the 2014 Eclectic Reader Challenge hosted by Book'd OutIn Book’d Out’s 2014 Eclectic Reader Challenge, I signed up to read 12 books from a variety of categories that will encourage me to expand my tastes. So far I have read Blues for Zoey, which qualified in the Published in 2014 category.

1/12 = 8%

The TBR Challenge

2014tbrbuttonIn Roof Beam Reader’s 2014 TBR Pile Challenge, I signed up to read 12 books that have been languishing on my shelf for at least one year. So far I have read only Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, but it was by far the most academic text on my list, so I feel good about tackling that one early on!

1/12 = 8%

Good Reads 2014 Reading Challenge

And here the reason for my lagging on all other challenges becomes evident; I set my 2014 read-o-meter to 125 books, aiming for a modest increase from 122 in 2013. So far I have read 36 books, many of which did not qualify for any of my challenge categories! I am coming close to being caught up on my library holds queue, and hopefully I can buckle down to my other challenges in Q2.

36/125 = 28%


39/158 = 25%

The overall tally gives the somewhat deceptive appearance that I am right on schedule. How are your reading challenges going?


2 thoughts on “Q1 Challenge Checkpoint 2014”

  1. Great choices! I really enjoyed the movie version of Argo and would love to read the book as well. I liked the book version of Orange is the New Black better than the show, but I know a lot of people have really loved both 🙂

    1. I really enjoyed reading about the differences between what actually happened and how the events were dramatized in Argo. Definitely recommended!

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