Q2 Challenge Report 2016

Well, the year is half gone. I’ve been reading diligently away, but as usual I haven’t been keeping a running tab on the numbers. So now it is time for The Reckoning.

2016 Goodreads Challenge

2016 Goodreads reading challenge image.As I mentioned above, I have been reading diligently. I finished another thirty books this quarter, bringing my running total to sixty-eight for 2016. I set the metre at 130 books back in January, and I seem to be just a titch ahead of schedule at 52%. However, thirty books this quarter is definitely down from the thirty-eight I polished off in Q1.

Maintain Diversity Awareness

Last year, my main reading goal was to read more books by diverse authors. I set some fresh goals in January, but I didn’t want to lose track of this priority, so I decided to keep crunching the numbers in 2016. Eight of the books I read in Q2 qualified, or about 27%. I reviewed all but one, so that worked out to about 35% of my review posts. This is definitely down from 2015, and still a bit of a fall off from Q1, though I’m staying above the minimum level I set for myself. I have also been reading other types of diverse books that wouldn’t have qualified for last year’s narrowly focused challenge, including LGBT+ books, and books about mental illness and disability.

Even out my fiction to non-fiction ratio

In 2015, only about 23% of the titles I read were non-fiction. In Q2 2016, I’ve read ten non-fiction titles, or about one-third of my total reads. However, I reviewed seven of them, so things might look a little better on the blog, as that is about 35% of my total reviews this quarter. Still, it is a drop from Q1. Overall, that’s 37% of this year’s reads, and 42% of the reviews. I’m doing better than 2015, but not as well as I would like to be. This one is hard because there are always more fiction books I want to read, and I can typically get through them more quickly.

Read More Canadian Literature

Flag_of_Canada.svgIn 2015, I only finished eleven Canadian books the entire year. I read a whopping eight in the first quarter of this year, in large part thanks to Canada Reads. This quarter, I read a more modest three, but that still means that I have already read as many Canadian books in the first half of this year as I did in all of 2015! I also ran into some interesting questions about what to categorize as Canadian. For example, We Stand on Guard has an American writer, and a Canadian illustrator. It is set in Canada and about Canadian characters. I decided to be conservative, and not count it for the purposes of this challenge, but one could just as easily justify the opposite decision.

Update Blog

I polished off a lot of my big goals for this one in the first quarter. My outstanding items were to update my photos, and launch a new feature. Naturally, I did neither of these things, because I decided to try out something else instead. You might have noticed that I have been experimenting with a greater variety of posts. I participated in a meme, and wrote a reflection post about it. I posted a list of the reasons that I love audiobooks. I had my brother on to write a guest review, and I shared a preview of some of the forthcoming books I got a peek at during Emerald City Comic Con. I’m not committing to any permanent changes at this point, but it was fun to try branching out a bit beyond strict review posts.

So that is the balancing of the books. How are your 2016 reading goals going?

One thought on “Q2 Challenge Report 2016

  1. 130 books is an incredible number! I know other readers, especially bloggers, have read more than that, but I am in awe of anyone who can read over 100 books a year. Perhaps one day I will be able to reach 100, but for now I am settling on 75 and am currently ahead of schedule, so I’m very happy with my progress. 🙂
    I have also started reading more Canadian literature ever since I started blogging, which has been a wonderful addition. Every book by a Canadian author has been a positive experience so I look forward to reading more.

    I truly appreciate your commitment to read more diversely. Keep up the amazing work. ❤

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