Most Likely

Cover image for most likely by Sarah Watson by Sarah Watson

ISBN 978-0-316-45475-9

“For Logan, this extra work resulted in first-place medals and broken records. For CJ, it barely made her middle of the pack.”

Ava, CJ, Jordan, and Martha have been best friends since the summer before kindergarten, when they met at the Memorial Park playground. Now, as they enter their senior year, the park is scheduled to be torn down and replaced with an office building, and the girls will never get their chance to add their names to the jungle gym where graduates have carved their mark for generations. Now, in addition to the stresses of SATs and college applications, the four friends must fight to save the place where they met, and preserve the playground for the next generation. But what the girls don’t know is that one of them is destined to become the first woman elected President of the United States. This is her origin story.

Most Likely opens on Inauguration Day 2049, as the first woman elected to be President of the United States waits next to her husband, and prepares to take the oath of office. A couple quibbles up front; let’s hope that it doesn’t actually take another thirty years for a woman to be elected president. And let’s hope that she doesn’t feel the need to take her husband’s name for the sake of “tradition” and political expediency. However, in the case of the structure of this book, having the President Elect introduced to us by her husband’s surname preserves the mystery of which of the girls is destined to find herself looking out from The Capitol on a cold January morning in 2049, making it a logical stylistic choice.

Each with their own hopes and dreams for the future, any one of the four young women might actually be destined for America’s highest office. Ava dreams of applying to art school, but doesn’t know how to tell her adoptive mother. She struggles with her depression as she toys with the idea of finally finding her birth mother. CJ desperately wants to go to Stanford, but she just can’t seem to get her SAT score high enough. However, a new volunteer gig at sports program for kids with disabilities might just round out her application. Jordan runs the school paper and dreams of a career in political journalism, but she can’t get the city councillor who is sponsoring the office development that will destroy the park to give her the time of day, let alone a proper interview. Martha is the only one who still lives in the rundown neighbourhood around the park where they met. Perhaps the smartest of them all, she can’t figure out how she is going to pay her way through college, even if she does get into her dream school, MIT.

Most Likely is a book mainly about friendship and how it shapes us, but one that does put a bit more emphasis on the romantic subplot than I might have liked. Because we know the surname the President has taken in the prologue, once we meet the boy with that last name, the reader is watching his romantic choices with a careful eye. Watson has backed herself into the unenviable task of trying to set up a viable potential romance with any one of the four girls, without creating any kind of rivalry for his affections in order to maintain the suspense of her plot. As the end of the book approached, I was rooting for one girl to become President, and a totally different one to get the guy, so I still have to hand it to Watson for managing to end this in a way that left me satisfied.

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