Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in Required Reading! This policy was last updated on December 22, 2021. Any use of the contact form at the bottom of this page assumes your acknowledgement of the following:

Review Requests

If you are visiting this page, you are probably hoping I might review your book. With limited exceptions, I do not accept review requests. Reading is one of my greatest personal pleasures, and my primary form of relaxation. After several years of blogging and accepting review requests, I realized that I prefer to have a minimum number of outside obligations placed on my reading time. Accepting review requests is not consistent with that preference. I continue to work with a limited number of publishers and book tour operators with whom I already have established relationships, such as the Harper Voyager Super Reader program. If we have worked together in the past, or if I have previously featured your work, please feel free to contact me using the form below. All other requests will be deleted.


I choose which books to read and review by following my interests wherever they take me. I particularly enjoy speculative fiction, young adult, and graphic novels. I don’t generally like horror or romance, with some exceptions. I am a sucker for books about books. I like non-fiction memoirs, and accessible but well-researched books about psychology. While I generally prefer to read unfettered, sometimes I set myself a particular reading challenge.  In 2015 I decided I wanted to read more diverse books, and in 2016 I focused on reading more non-fiction and Canadian authors. Even in the case of author interviews or other non-review posts, I generally do not feature books I have not read. Exceptions may include the occasional cover reveal or excerpt (usually for an author whose other works I have enjoyed), as well as any guest reviews.  I may also sometimes post about forthcoming releases I am excited about.

ARCs and Galleys

Most of the books I review are titles I have purchased, or books I have borrowed from the library. However, I sometimes work with publishers or attend conferences where I receive advance reading copies or galleys of forthcoming books. I accept these books with the understanding that I will only read the ones I am moved to start, only review the ones I finish, and always write honestly about my opinion of the contents. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I don’t, and most of the time I fall somewhere in between. Nevertheless, any post for which I have received a free copy will be clearly marked with a disclaimer. I generally keep any ARCs that have been inscribed by authors I have met at conferences, and donate the rest to my library. I also sometimes pass ARCs along to other bloggers, librarians, or teachers.


I generally cross-post a short excerpt from each review to Goodreads, along with a link to the full review on this site. I may also share links or short excerpts of reviews with my followers on Twitter,  Pinterest, and Litsy. I sometimes share links on my personal Facebook page, but do not maintain a fan page. While I do not use star ratings or other grades here on the blog, I will follow the rating formula of other sites when cross-posting. If you wish to reproduce a post I have written here in another location, please contact me for permission.


I do not host ads or accept requests for ad placements on my site. In fact, I use the paid version of WordPress specifically so you don’t have to suffer ads while on the site.

If you have read the above, and still have a request, please use this form to contact me:

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